5 Reasons You Should Hire A Chico Dog Walker

1. Dogs need between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise a day. Did you know that is what vets recommends? Just like humans, dogs need daily exercise.

2. Your Dog Will Feel Special – Your dog knows when the door bell rings it is for them, adventure time.

3. You don’t have enough spare time – You are a busy person, between work, family, friends, travel, and recreation there is not much free time left. Sometimes our dogs can get the last of our time if there is any left. Your dog deserves a dog walker dedicated to them.

4. We let your dog explore – Dogs love to check and answer their pee mail and explore when they are out and about during walks and we encourage them to. This is their time they get to do whatever makes them happy (within reason of course.) They want their own Chico dog walker.

5. Your enjoyment – A tired dog is a happy dog. Having a regular dog walker in Chico will enhance your relationship with your dog and you can have peace of mind knowing your dog has not been couped up in the house all day.

So, can you really afford not to have a dog walker in Chico for your dog? Give us a call to get started (530) 774-4995 or sign up online here.

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