Top 10 Advantages of Getting an Adult Dog

Are you thinking of joining the ranks of the canine enhanced? There are some fantastic advantages for anyone willing to open their home to an adult dog, and depending on the breed and age of the adult dog in question there are significant benefits. Especially if you value your time, money and slippers. In no particular order, here’s my top ten advantages for getting an adult dog!

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Signs of Dog Bloat

The number two killer of dogs is canine bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). This lethal bloating of the stomach can kill in less than an hour. While there are many factors that can add to a dog’s likely hood of getting canine bloat a dog’s eating habits is the biggest reason.

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Household Items That are Poisonous or Dangerous to Dogs

Just as you child-proof your home before the new baby begins to walk, you have to consider that your new dog will go after just about anything in the home. Puppies, especially teething puppies, will want to taste everything, but not everything in your home belongs in your pup’s mouth. Here are some common household items that are poisonous to dogs.

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How do you know what dog is right for you and your family?

Dogs come in all different sizes, lengths of hair, and disposition. These are some of the traits to take into
consideration when deciding on the best dog for you. Also consider why you are getting the dog: protection, companion or for the children? Settle on a purpose for your dog and this will help narrow your breed selection. How much time do you have to devote? Will the dog be easy to train? What type of health care will you need to provide? These are all questions and concerns you will want to address when choosing man’s best friend.

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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

Happy Halloween! I thought it might be helpful to give a few tips on how to keep our pets happy and healthy for this fun holiday.

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Dog Photography Tips

Our dogs are part of the family, just like other family members we love to have pictures of them on our walls, desks, computers, phones the list goes on. However, our dogs do not understand we want them to pose for the camera. Here are a few tips that can help.

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Summer Travel With Your Pet

It’s the end of summer and many people are making last minute travel plans. If you want to take your pet with you there are a few things you should consider in your plans to help ensure everything goes well for you and your pet.

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7 Heathly People Foods for Dogs

Food is almost always one sure fire way to get your dog’s attention, but there are some foods that can have truly monstrous results for dogs. Some foods a dog may like, but should never eat. So here are some people foods that you can safely share with your four-legged friend.

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Canine Plaque-Reducing Products

I was reading an article yesterday on Dogster Warning: Some Canine Plaque-Reducing Products Contain Toxic Xylitol! In the Article Dr. … Continue reading Canine Plaque-Reducing Products

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EarthPawz Cleaning Products For Pets Review

The Product: Toxic free, 100% natural, hypoallergenic cleaning products for you and your pets Manufacturer: EarthPawz made in Canada Where … Continue reading EarthPawz Cleaning Products For Pets Review

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West Paw Bumper Bed Review

Product:  Bumper Bed Manufacturer:  West Paw strong>Where you can buy it: I like to order my products through when … Continue reading West Paw Bumper Bed Review

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5 Reasons You Should Hire A Chico Dog Walker

5 Reasons You Should Hire A Chico Dog Walker 1. Dogs need between 30 minutes and two hours of exercise … Continue reading 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Chico Dog Walker

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How To Hire The Best Pet Sitter In Chico

How to hire the best pet sitter in Chico. As a professional pet sitter in Chico, CA since 2011, I … Continue reading How To Hire The Best Pet Sitter In Chico

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Overnight Pet Sitting in Chico

Overnight Pet Sitting in Chico Is your pet scared of the dark? Do they get lonely at night? Have one … Continue reading Overnight Pet Sitting in Chico

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