How to hire the best pet sitter in Chico.

As a professional pet sitter in Chico, CA since 2011, I have heard it all. We often gain our best clients from unfortunate horror stories of what has happened to them in the past.

How to choose a pet sitter: It is really quite simple, go with your gut. It is common for pet sitting companies to charge a fee for a registration meeting. These companies understand what their time is worth and this is a good time for you. It shows they take their job seriously. Are they on time for the meeting? Did they answer the phone the first time you called or did they get back to you promptly? Trust your gut. Do you want a pet sitter you can get ahold of when you are away, pay attention to how quickly they respond to you?

What matters in their credentials: Of course being bonded and insured matters, however knowing what insurance company holds their insurance is even more important. If something were to happen do you know who to call? How involved are they with the community? How long have they been around? Is this their full-time job or just a side hobby?

What doesn’t matter are referrals: from clients the company gives you. Do you think they are going to give you names of people who are unhappy with their services? Also, hate to say it but membership in a national organization doesn’t matter either. To become a member all you do is pay a fee, anyone can do it.

Ok So What Does Matter? Ask them who in the community vouches for them? Do other pet professionals? What sort of community outreach are they involved in? Do they return your calls or emails promptly? Do their website and social media communities tell you who they are authentically? These types of things cannot be faked or bought.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are looking for a professional to stay in your home with your pets. Sitter For Your Critters represents all of this and more. We may not be the cheapest, but our reputation and integrity speak volumes and in the end, every pet parent wants their kids and home to be safe when they are away.

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